Early Childhood Policy

The Importance of Early Childhood Policy

Impacted by the ever-growing fields of neuroscience, child development, education and family resilience, policy and decision-makers in Vermont, and nation-wide, have recognized the importance of investments supporting the healthy development and well-being of children and families. The positive returns on early childhood investments are well-documented. Emerging science clearly shows that the most critical and rapid periods of brain development happen within the first few years of life. The patterns of development set the stage for future development, lifelong learning and health, strong communities, and much more. What can we do in Vermont to support this critical period of early childhood development so that our children and their families have a strong foundation? 

Below are three of the ways that Building Bright Futures and Vermont Early Childhood partners inform Early Childhood Policy.

Policy Recommendations

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Reports, briefs, and research articles produced by BBF and statewide partners

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