Evidence to inform Early
Childhood Policy in Vermont


Vermont’s Early Childhood Data and Policy Center was created to meet a critical need in Vermont in 2020: a centralized, one-stop-shop for stakeholders to view the latest data, evidence, and policy recommendations within Vermont’s early childhood system. The Center is part of Building Bright Futures, Vermont’s early childhood public-private partnership charged under Title 33, Chapter 46, to be Vermont’s Early Childhood State Advisory Council (SAC), the mechanism used to advise the Governor and legislature on the well-being of children in the prenatal period through age eight and their families. One of BBF's primary responsibilities is to monitor the early childhood system and maintain progress toward Vermont's vision for the Early Childhood System. The Center is one key component of how BBF meets this obligation.

Led by Director, Morgan K. Crossman, Ph.D., M.A., and Dora Levinson, MPH, the Vermont Early Childhood Data and Policy Center is the go-to source for data on outcomes for children and families as well as resources, services and policy in Vermont. The Center delivers the most high-quality, up-to-date information on the status of children and families across sectors using Vermont-specific, national, and community data sources.  

Mission: Evidence to inform early childhood policy in Vermont

How We’re Different

  • Focus on identifying data-driven strategies to improve child and family outcomes through Vermont’s Early Childhood Action Plan (VECAP)
  • Interdisciplinary and cross-sector approach
  • 6 major initiatives
    • Vermont Early Childhood Action Plan (VECAP) Data Dashboard
    • How are Vermont's Young Children and Families Report
    • Early Childhood Data Gaps
    • Early Childhood Data Literacy
    • Concrete, actionable early childhood policy. recommendations

Our Team

To execute the vision for the Center, we’ve assembled a small staff in addition to collaborating with a variety of incredibly talented content experts, data stewards, researchers, agency and community partners, and faculty in Vermont.

Core Center Staff

Morgan Crossman, PhD

Executive Director

Dora Levinson, MPH

Research and Data Director

Affiliated Researchers and Faculty

Lori Meyers, PhD, Associate Professor, UVM, College of Education and Social Services

Kaitlin Northey, PhD, Assistant Professor, UVM, College of Education and Social Services

Valerie Wood, PhD, Assistant Professor, UVM College of Education and Social Services, Center on Disability and Community Inclusion

Clare Waterman Irwin, PhD, Education Development Center

Community Data Stewards & Partners