Early Childhood Data Gaps
2020 Early Childhood System
Needs Assessment Report

There are questions that Vermont is not currently able to answer due to data gaps and a need for a centralized solution to identify and monitor what data exists, the limitations of existing data, and the pursuit of prioritized data gaps. Gaps identified below are in many cases not new, however, we must elevate them because they have not yet been addressed and there is new urgency in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic for data regarding the well-being of children and families.

The 2020 Early Childhood Systems Needs Assessment includes a table of data gaps which provides a thematic summary of the data gaps that have been identified by the VECAP Data and Evaluation committee, by focus group participants, and responses to open-ended survey questions across the Building Bright Futures Network that can be used to work toward an early childhood data development agenda. The VECAP Data and Evaluation committee is tasked with identifying, monitoring, and strategizing about how best to address data gaps within the EC system. This table will be updated as gaps are addressed or identified.

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The VECAP Data and Evaluation Committee holds monthly open meetings to discuss data gaps and identify strategies to fill those gaps. Find out more here.

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